7.2 FrogProlog

FrogProlog is a Prolog to C++ compiler. The speed is comparable to state-of-the-art Prolog Just-In-Time compilers. It supports all basic features of Prolog and implements a basic subset of the Prolog Runtime Library.

7.2.1 Download

You can download the source code of the compiler here. It is included in the C to PDDL package:
It is released under the GNU Licence 3.0.

7.2.2 Installation

In order to install the software first unpack the archive. Make sure you have cmake, pthread and a descent C++11 compiler installed. Then you can use cmake to create a make-file. Detailed instructions can be found in the archive. It is tested under Linux but you can also compile it under Windows and MacOS.
Once you compiled the package you can find the executable in your build directory. The C to PDDL compiler as no dependencies you can but it anywhere (for example in /bin).