6.2.2 Graphic Editor

  1. Rapid Painter: Our own texture editor. Use it to modify and create rpt files. You should also use this editor to create normalmaps.
  2. GIMP: Very good graphic editor.
  3. Inkscape: This is a vector graphics editor, but it can also be used to create textures or GUI elements.
  4. Krita: A good graphic editor with lots of painting functions.
  5. Corel Draw We create lots of textures with Corel Photo Paint.
  6. Blender 2.74: Yes again Blender. Most icons in our game were created with Blender.
  7. EditorUti 3D: The other icons (which are not created with Blender) were created with EditorUti 3D, which has a build in raytracer.
  8. Adobe PhotoShop: The industry leader for creating of 2D images.